North Ethiopia




“By vast expense and hideous pain, the rock a church became”, wrote a historian in the 17th century. Lalibela is also described as the “African Petra” or “New Jerusalem“. Undoubtedly the 12 rock hewn churches, whose construction started during the reign of king Lalibela (13th century), are one of the foremost wonders of the world. The legend tells that Lalibela received a heavenly vision and angels helped to finish the work in a short time. But it is more likely that Lalibela received his inspiration during his exile in Jerusalem, which gave him a longing to built a kind of “new Jerusalem” in Ethiopia, accessible for all Ethiopians.

Lying in the rugged Lasta mountains it is still a rather isolated place and the little town has not changed since the building of the churches 700 years ago. When your walk around in the perfectly shaped churches, using the underground tunnels to go from one church to another and hearing the distant chanting of the monks, you feel as if a time-machine has brought you back to a mysterious middle age world. In the rough mountain landscape which surrounds Lalibela, interesting tours can be made, walking or on the back of a donkey, to enjoy the splendid views on your way to the several rock-hewn churches in the environs of Lalibela.

At dawn, wander through the ethereal subterranean churches of Lalibela glowing in the early morning light. Experience the towering stelae of Axum, coming as close to the legendary arc of the covenant as possible.

  • Visit the Island Monasteries on Lake Tana
  • See the African castles of Gondar
  • Hike in the Simien Mountains
  • Walk in the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela
  • Explore Addis Ababa and the National Museum of Ethiopia


Duration:  6 Days & 5 Nights.

Tour Title: Historic Route 2 

Transportation :- land& Air.

– Lalibela,Axum, Gondar,Bahirdar

Travel to Ethiopia, a land of legends and one the world’s most fascinating destinations. Our adventure begins in Addis Ababa and traverses the northern historic route visiting Lake Tana, Gondar, Lalibela and Axum, featuring several UNESCO world heritage sites. In this fabled land where legend and history are deeply entwined, hike among the villages to sacred island monasteries of Lake Tana. Explore the Castles of Gondar where you enjoy a private coffee ceremony. Based from an Eco lodge in the Simien Mountains, hike on the roof of Africa in the continent’s highest range and deepest gorges where you will encounter wildlife found nowhere else in the world.


Day 1: Arrival in Addis Ababa —City Tour

Day 2: Lalibela

Day 3: Axum

Day 4: Fly to Gonder

Day 5: Drive to Bahirdar

Day 6: Bahirdar —Addis Ababa

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